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What do you use 3N and 4m for?

The post on icebreaker inspired me to this poll. My idea is to use 3N as a 4m-bid and 4m as Namyats, but I wonder if this is the best use.

For obvious reasons you can make exactly 2 choices unless you take 10 as your only choice.

Please select up to 2 choices.

3N as the classical gambling
3N as a minor preempt
3N as Namyats replacement
3N as oldfashioned Acol (strong with a long minor)
3N as a major two-suiter
3N as some extreme two-suiter
4m as a natural preempt
4m as Namyats
4/ as 6/+5 of a minor
3N as +other and 4m as m+
3N as something else (please specify)
4m as something else (please specify)

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