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What does a 4NT opening bid mean

EDITED: I added a fifth option as it seems popular. Hope several people change their bids if applicable.


In third seat vul after 2 passes you hold:






This was from the first final session of the various LM pairs - we were in the Young LM pairs. After two pass, I should have opened 2 because we play controls and all I really can find out is partner's Ace count. Other much better auctions have crossed my mind since but not then. I opened 4NT assuming this totally undiscussed opening could only be construed as regular Blackwood. Apparently not, as partner thought and thought and passed. The gods smiled. Partner had the QTx of spades and the KJxxxx of hearts. The AK of Spades were in the leader's hand. He also had the Q of Hearts and Clubs were 2-2 opposite partner's singleton. Tricks were cashed and making 630 was a totally undeserved top.

The question is, what should a 4NT opening bid mean? I've given two options for the giant minor suits hands.

The best part is that if partner responded to my bid with 5C, I would have passed. It would have been quite a dummy hitting the table.

Regular Blackwood
6-5 or 7-5 in the minors
6-6 or 7-6 in the minors
Specific Ace asking

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