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What Does An Ethical Huddler Do

The discussion in Marshall Lewis's recent post How Would You Rule indicates that in most players experience, a long BIT usually/always has extras.  

With this in mind, my question is what do you do when you realize that you are taking a huddle during the auction.

Scenario: A high-level game, both in standard of play and in standards for ethical comportment. At your turn to call, you are faced with a difficult problem and realize that you are taking a very very long time to decide. You realize your BIT will certainly be acknowledged and partner's logical alternatives might therefore be constrained. A director ruling, perhaps even an appeals committee, loom as possibilities in your near future.

Do you adjust your own decision-making in awareness of your own BIT? What do YOU do?

I try to make the best bridge decision based only on my cards, ignoring my own BIT
I adjust my choices slightly, knowing the presumption will be that I have extras
I adjust my choices slightly, trying to reduce the potential for partners ethical dilemma
I never take a huddle, or I'm never aware of my own huddles
Other (feel free to elaborate)

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