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What GIB inventor Matthew Ginsberg has been up to lately

Can An Astrophysicist Change The Way We Watch Sports?

"When Matt Ginsberg first mentioned this project to me, back in March, he began the conversation like this: 'I’m going to revolutionize sports.'

His idea is simple: Find a ball with a camera and have it tell a computer what’s up with the ball (or shuttlecock or javelin or frisbee or whatever). Then have the computer calculate, in real time, where the ball’s going. Then turn that into some useful piece of information, knowing what sport we’re watching and the dimensions of that sport’s infrastructure — lines on the ground, baskets in the air, and so on. Have the computer tell you, maybe along with some measurement of its certainty, 'that basketball will go in the basket' or 'that volleyball will land outside the lines.'

Then do something interesting with that fact. Have a red light go off to signal an out-of-bounds serve to the returning team. Have a soccer goalie’s smartwatch buzz if a shot is going to clear the bar, telling her she needn’t parry it and concede a corner kick. Put it on the TV screen for the folks at home."

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