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What happened?

I started reading Avon Wilsmore article "The talk there never was: The blue team rule" an hour ago - and suddenly it disappeared and for good it seems!Frown

I read the first 5 pages out of 21. Very interesting article even if I have seen the hands on pages 1-5 before. But the rest I did not read because administrator took away the article. I guess I have seen most of the hands in the article before - so probably no news!

I agree and understand that Bridgewinners are a private runned website so the owners/administrators can do whatever they want. 

But please do not get too restrictive and political correct. IMO the first 5 pages did not offend any one and was according to the rules of the best bridge site I know.Smile

So - will Avons article be published again on Bridgewinners?Undecided

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