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What If Gold Rush Meant Something?

The "Re-evaluating GLM-Eligible Events" thread prompted my weird brain to wonder if we could re-work the Gold Rush idea.  What if we treat them like Red/Blue/Silver/Platinum quals, necessary to enter an otherwise "Open" event.  To enter an open you need to qual with a strata top or overall 1-3 in a Gold Rush event or a Pro-Am event.  To bypass the Gold Rush qual, enter a pro-am and place in top 10% overall (or top 3).  "Pro" definition changes with the level of the event (club, unit, sectional, regional).  This solves many problems of trying to stay in the kiddie pool, keeping kids out of the adult pool, and encouraging playing with pros (who need to insist on getting paid, even if it's only dinner and the entry).  Any thoughts?

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