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What is double? What is pass?

Another hand I got wrong in our failure to qualify in Flight B GNT’s yesterday.  Again, enough other mistakes that getting this right was irrelevant to qualifying.

I’m not giving my hand yet, because I don’t think my choice was right whatever various calls mean. 

Imps (victory points) unfavorable vul.  North deals.  

You are playing Precision, which affects the auction and possibly affects the final meanings, but I don´t believe there are special Precision agreements that apply at the critical point.

1C (strong, artificial, forcing) - 2D - P (0-4 HCP, any shape) - 2S

4H - 4S - ?

No specific agreements about forcing passes, beyond that in some situations a pass is forcing and a double discouraging bidding on.

With those constraints and limited agreements, should pass be forcing?  If pass is not forcing, what is double?

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