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What is the difference?

Firstly, apologies for not using this site's mythical hand tool, I tried so no comments from the hand tool Mafioso please!  In the last round of the English Premier League, against opponents whose ethics are beyond reproach, I picked up, AJ10X, X, AKJ, Q10XXX.  Lho opened 1H, RHO bid 2S, described as GF with Hearts.  I doubled to show Spades, some of you may not but that is what I did.  LHO bid 3S, described as extra values with short Spades.  RHO bid 4C - Splinter and LHO bid 4H, which is where matters rested,  Partner lead the 7S (top of three small) and dummy hit with, KQ98X, AJ10XX, XXX, none.  I won the A over the King and played the AD, declarer dropping the Q.  I switched back to Spades and partner ruffed, but as I had blown my re - entry, the contract made.  LHO had misbid and as RHO was correct in his explainations, the score stood, the director just saying that we were unlucky.  I did not appeal but asked the Guru, David Burn who said that unlucky but that the ruling was quite correct.  OK, no PP's but it put me in mind of another deal that I had in the same competition a couple of years ago, again against a top pair.  The hands are not necessary but suffice it to say that I opened a possibly as short  as one 1C.  My partner bid 2C, inverted, and I bid 2H showing a singleton minor.  Partner bid 2S to ask and I bid 3C to show short clubs and a minimum.  I did not have this as I had got muddled but partner;s explainations were correct systemically.   Partner  gave me 3NT  and it made  as RHO misdefended, mislead by the bidding.  This was rolled back to a split score of 3NT making some times and going off the rest.  Why are the two situations different?  I would love to know.

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