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What is the Goal of an NABC?

We’ve seen a great many posts about schedules for the Fall Nationals. Should we add new events – and if so, which ones? When should they be scheduled? What should be eliminated? Should dates of the tournaments be altered? And so forth.

Yet, as I was reading through the many suggestions, I kept on thinking to myself, “What is the goal of an NABC?” Don’t we really need to know this before we can adequately address all these issues?

I went to ACBL to try to find out if they had a statement about this. If it is there, I could not find it.

I surely do not know what the answer is to this question. But – I will share some of what I think it might be, and then invite everyone else to share their thoughts. Seems like this really is the “first step” before other changes can be reasonably instituted.

The purpose of an NABC is to:

• Provide a venue for competition at the highest level in the ACBL

• Attract as many players as possible to attend and play

• Organize bridge competitions that players of all levels will enjoy

• Have lectures, entertainment, hospitality that players appreciate

• Have a city where people can both enjoy competing, along with sightseeing, dining, etc.

• Have a location that is easily accessible and affordable

• Have a location with quality amenities, hotels, etc.

• “Sell” bridge both to current players and try to attract new ones

I realize that some of these may actually compete against one another. Just trying to offer ideas – and will appreciate yours!

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