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You and partner have agreed to play Leaping Michaels so that a jump overcall in a minor over an opposing weak two in a major shows that minor and the other major and a pretty good hand. This convention has come up very rarely in prior games. It is late in a matchpoint club game and there have been a couple of hands where partner forgot other agreements you have, definitely a rare occurrence. You have the following auction, opponents only vulnerable

You   Opp   Part   Opp

 P       2    4

Obviously you must alert and disclose your agreement. Your spade holding is such it that it makes it very unlikely that partner has length there. Should you also


Say nothing and bid according to your agreement
Bid per your agreement but also mention in your explanation partner's forgetfulness this session
Bid per your agreement but only mention partner's forgetfulness before the opening lead if you buy the contract
If opponents buy the contract inform declarer by asking partner to step away (ask for the director's assistance)
Something else

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