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What is the value of the WBF?

Just a random thought I have been thinking about on and off over the last few years.. I'm just tossing this out there to see what others think. Please don't insult me if you don't agree with me - the topic will die on its own and that is an acceptable option. I also love going to World Championships and competing against the best. I have been told that is the best way to get better. I gave up 10 years of playing - my choice - to produce the National Appeals Casebooks with Rich Colker. Now I am trying to learn to play better.

I have been learning that there are many wonderful tournaments in other parts of the world. Sounds like there are some in Europe, Australia, ACBL and many more elsewhere that didn't exist years ago that I would enjoy attending. Since I'm still grouchy from the long travel and all the problems from Wroclaw I have come to the conclusion that we should keep the Venice Cup, Bermuda Bowl, and a Senior Teams (only because we are all getting so old) every two years. Throw out the rest of the events and rotate the Cup and Bowl to any well run tournament in the rest of the world. Hopefully the selected tournament sites would run events similar to our NABC events. I think it would be OK to keep the seven WBF zones we have now and each zone would would rotate holding the BB, VC, and Sr event. The new WBF would have a small BOD that would probably not need to meet every year.

It would save a pretty big chunk of dollars. We wouldn't give the WBF $165,000 every year. (I would rather that money be spent on name badges and printers to get your session summaries) I think we send about 5 ACBL reps to each World Championships with all expenses paid. There are probably other costs I haven't considered.

I'm sure that yes, every 14 years it will end up on top of an ACBL Nationals but I suspect the teams involved would rather win the Bowl or Cup than the major ACBL team event.

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