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What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.

It is now the year 2040. The vast majority of former American bridge players have died.  The few who are still living do not play any more. The is still a Bridge Museum in Horn Lake, Mississippi, but it has been over ten years since anyone visited.  Duplicate boards can only be found in antique stores.  A historian of games has located you at an Assisted Living Center.  She wants to know what killed American Bridge.

[This says it allows 16 answers, but only seems to allow 8.  Other may have to cover a lot].

Rank your top 8 choices, 1 being your top choice.

Computer games, video games, or other competing recreation [specify].
Proliferation of bridge events and multiplication of tournaments.
Segregation of events into narrower and narrower brackets, strats, etc.
Complex bidding systems.
Refusal to allow bidding innovations.
Cheating Scandals.
Financial mismanagement by the ACBL.

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