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What Motions Should Be Presented at the ACBL General Membership Meeting July 24?

Gary Hann has offered to draft an omnibus motion including Board of Directors size and cost and transparency, including open records and books-- maybe TERM LIMITS too?.  Most of us (Poll Author included) haven't seen any details fo this motion, but it will probably be presented here well in advance of July 24, and we can discuss it to our hearts' content before heading for the DC Summer NABC.

Remembering the Membership Meeting is at most two hours long, and includes ACBL President Ken Monzingo's report and the ACBL Treasurer's report,  there will not be much time for presenting and discussing motions. (That's one reason to discuss them in advance here on BW)

Pick one from the following list, and we can draw up motions for the most popular one or two choices.  This in NOT the time or place to discuss details or doability or objections, just vote.  

When the draft motions are posted on BW, THEN is the time to  comment on details, doability, objections.

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In addition to the "Omnibus ACBL Board of Directors motion" mentioned above, I think it's most important that the ACBL Membership should express itself on the following one issue.

Make it easier for members to amend the bylaws
Mandatory Openness of All Finances, including Audits, Budget and Quarterly Progress Reports, and All Contracts, Employment and Otherwise
Make BOD Committees more inclusive by adding at least 3 B of G members and 3 other ACBL members (all non-voting) for each BOD Committee, to receive all communications and participate in all meetings
Membership Retention - Buddy Program and Exit Interviews for non-renewing Members
Immediate production of an extremely visible link on the ACBL Home Page to generate an online Recorder's Form which will be automatically forwarded to Recorders: A) Tournament, B) District, C) ACBL
Separation into Pro and Amateur Divisions

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