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What qualifies as a comparable call, if anything? What are my legal bidding options?

In a duplicate game today, we had an odd situation. As East, I was supposed to be the dealer board 18, but nobody noticed the board had been placed upside down, so my bid turned out to be a bid out of turn.

 Q 9 8 2 A 10 K J 2 10 6 5 2

We play a 10-12 NT, so that was my call. When the bid was not accepted, the director stated that my partner should open, and that I was to make a "comparable call" whatever that would be.


Well PARTNER opened a 10-12 NT, and my RHO, thinking I had to make some call (and had a pretty good hand) overcalled 2H.  I don't really have a way to show 10-12 opposite 10-12.   There would be no reason to.  That's the point of the weak NT in the first place.  Lebensohl would show a stronger hand.   Pass COULD be weaker.  The only bid I have that shows the balance of the values for our side is double, but that somehow didn't seem right.   Am I OBLIGATED to double here, which would be penalty?

Or am I not understanding the new law?

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