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What should be the correct ruling on this

This happened yesterday in a sectional against average opponents and I was curious what the correct ruling in this situation should be.

The circumstances are as follows:

1--My partner (North) was declaring 3 NT and came down to a 2 card ending.  He had the 13th club and the 4 diamonds

2--Dummy was irrelevant (I usually am)

3--East had the 10 of hearts and the 6 diamonds

4--West had the J of hearts and another heart

Partner played the 13th club and west, out of turn, immediately said I have the J hearts for the last trick, down 1.  West said this before East discarded.  Certainly if East had a complete grip on the hand they would keep the good diamond and pitch the bad heart but it was not clear that they knew.

So in essence West made a bad defensive claim.

Should East now be allowed to do the right thing given that the right thing would be clear if they kept track of things or should they be required to pitch the good diamond?

Just curious as I have not seen this before.

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