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What system over (1m) - 2m - (pass) - ?

Hey all,

Myself and two of my regular partners have realized we have a gap in our system: responding to major-suit Michaels cuebids, which we play as constructive or better. It feels like 2NT as natural and as an asking bid each both have a lot of merits, and 3m could have a variety of sensible meanings (most of which involve "picking a major", possibly with further shape and/or strength info). 

So, wise system-junkies of Bridgewinners:

  1. What do you play here?
  2. If you are a "weak or strong" or "any strength" kind of person, do you think what you play translates to a constructive+ setting?
  3. Assuming a well-practised partnership, should vulnerability make a difference to the responses?

Cheers all! 

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