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What To Do?

This happened at a club night. Partner keycarded. I checked, put my hand down and put out my bidding card. I then picked up my  hand as lho passed and realised before partner had bid that I had underscounted. What to do? I can't claim an inadvertent as it wasn't - it was simply an error. 

At the table I crossed my fingers and said nothing. Partner signed off  in 6, rho said nothing so I raised to 7.  No problems. (Apart from the minor detail of 1 off.)

On the other hand what if rho  had asked about my response? Now if I raise partner's sign off I couldn't convince myself, let alone the opps or the director that it wasn't partner's explanation that woke me up to my miscount. It occured to me later that I might call the director before partner calls, ask to speak to him away from the table and explain what I had done and it was my intention to raise partner's call even if rho asked about my response. But this would surely inform partner that my response was wrong. I guess that I just have to take my lumps if rho does query and raise if they don't. Any suggestions?

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