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What's happening to the ACBL?

It seems a lot has been happening as of late with the ACBL   The Hall of Fame is having trouble getting some great candidates elected -  The infamous ruling from the last Vanderbilt ---  the proposal to the board attempting to penalize hand hogs to the extreme of taking away master points to up to a years suspension---  I cant wait to see the law suits  This started because a certain un-named league attorney was screwed in a regional ko by a top player taking a flyer. A team being allowed to enter the Spingold despite missing the deadline--- making it look like favoritism to many disgruntled members- and last but not least the resignation or firing of the president of the ACBL  What is going on?  Do we need stronger leadership? Is the system failing? I have no idea what to say or think --- I would love to hear your opinions and hopefully constructive ideas    

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