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What’s Qxx(x) Worth?

when partner splinters of makes some other short suit bid (like short suit games tries or short suit bids over Jacoby 2NT) you are often in a position to reevaluate your hand.   Opposite a known stiff or void, holding such as xxx or Jxx are quite good for your hand, and Axx or AJx are almost as good opposite stiffs, not so much opposite voids.   Conversely, holdings such as KJx, Kxx, KQx and QJx Generally are viewed as negative holdings.

But what about Qxx(x).   clearly the 2hcp are likely close to worthless, but it IS only 2 hcp.  Let’s say you hold 14 hcp with 4 spades after 1S-2NT (Jacoby)- partner bids 3C (Short clubs). If you have  KJxx Axx Qxx  KJx you hand is not so great.  If he bids 3H, likely pretty good.  But what if he bids 3D?  On the surface you now have only 12 hcp, but conversely you have 12 hcp in 3 suits instead of 14 hcp in 4 suits, and that’s a higher average in your length suits.

Similarly after 1S-2S with  KTx xxx Qxxx KJx you would devalue opposite a 3C short suit try (SST) and readily accept opposite a 3H SST, but what about a 3D SST?  Your average strength in your valued length suits increases from 9/4=2.25 to 7/3=2.33.

I’m fairly sure this can be analyzed with computer simulations.  Just assign a number of hcp and trump fit to the hand, then pick a variety of holdings opposite the short suit of partner, such as xxx, Jxx, Qxx, Kxx and QJx, KJx And KQx.  You could include various holdings  with the ace such as Axx, AJx, AQx and AKx to be more thorough.

This poll is designed to elicit your view of Qxx(x) opposite a short suit bid by partner (splinter, Jacoby response, short suited game try, etal) ,When you know you have a fit in another suit.

Qxx(x) is a distinctly negative holding
Qxx(x) is a slightly negative holding
Qxx(x) is a neutral holding
Qxx(x) is a slightly positively holding
Qxx(x) is a distinctly positive holding
Other (please elaborate)

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