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What's this DBL Part 2

I posted a poll with this hand and auction:


Asking what South's DBL was.

I did say that East asked North about the double but that didn't happen.  This was done to avoid comments of "Why doesn't East just ask about the double". 

I also added the last two passes to end the auction.  Here is the full story.

This is board 4 from the common game on 8/15/18.

I was directing a local club game and was called to the table by North sometime after the 5 was made (I don't remember if it was right after the bid or at the end of the auction).  As a few of the comments in the other thread suggested, there was the possibility that West used some UI to make the 5 bid.

The hand was played with a result of down one and after the hand, I was recalled to the table and asked to review West's bid.  My decision was West did use UI to bid 5C however I believed East would play 4S correctly and make the hand.  Result stands.  NS were fine with the ruling.

A few days later, I ran into North at another game and he mentioned he had polled East's hand with a few A level players.  North thought there was some possibility that East should bid again.  North felt 5C was a cue bid trying for slam.  He got confirmation of his viewpoint by telling me that the players he asked told him they would bid 5.  North even proved this to me by asking another couple players at the game we were at. Both said 5. When I asked one of them what he thought the double was, he said it might be penalty, it might be some other things but he didn't care. 

I was pretty sure this was a penalty double and North didn't seem to indicate it was anything else.  The polling mostly agreed with me (90% of non abstainers said it was definitely penalty).  

Now I certainly have lot to learn about this game but going for slam when the opponents have penalty doubled my game contract does not sound like a recipe for success.    

All this leads me to this question:

Why did all these players want to go to slam after a penalty double?

One thing that came to mind was how the auction was explained.  One example was the explanation of West's double.  When North polled those in front of me, he said "the double shows 3 card support".  When I posted my poll, I said "you alert the double to show 3 card support".  Doesn't my version give East the opportunity to realize that maybe the explanation of the double is incorrect (which may have happened at the table)?

Appreciate any thoughts on why players are bidding 5.




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