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What's your bid?

Playing Teams, vul v not, you pick up
AK109x AKx xx KJx

You open 1 and it goes 3 (weak) on your left, 4 from partner, back to you.

1) What is 4NT now? Is it KC for or a natural 'to play' bid
say AJxxx AQx x Qxxx or KJxxx AJx xx KJx

2) What is 4 by you now?

a)A cue bid agreeing ?say AKxxx x AJ10x Jxx
b) A Last Train bid, agreeing , but not necessarily a control in ?
say AKxxx xx AJxx QJ
c) ANY undefined hand, maybe weak, where you don't know what to do and need to
mark time to allow partner to hopefully clarify things?
d) An undefined but GOOD hand, as per the example?

3) What would you bid now?

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