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When is 2nt in a competitive auction natural and when is it (Leb or two places to play)

My regular pard and I have poor agreements on this issue. Yes, 2S X  P   2nt is Leb  as is 2S  P   P  Dbl  P  2nt. But what about 1S- P - 2S  Dbl  P 2nt? 

what about 1S X  2S  2nt?   What about 1S   P  2S  P   P Dbl  P  2nt?  what about P  2S  P  P  Dbl - P  2nt? 

Or 1C - P   1S - P - 2S- Dbl - P 2nt? 


I am looking for some simple rules that are easy to remember.

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