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When Pigs Fly

I’ve never gone to a tournament because of a flyer, but I’ve got to say, the “Flying Pig” Regional’s ad is enough to make me want to go. Last year’s ad was pretty good, but this year they just nailed it. Look at that pig! Is he a pirate? With wings? And sunglasses? Count me in.

Unfortunately, I’m playing the weeks before and after the tournament, and my wife appreciates it if I stop home for a few days every now and then, so I’m not going to make it this year. But I’m definitely going to try to put it on my schedule in the future. Especially since Adam keeps telling me how good the food in Cincinnati is. (He got me to try Skyline Chili while I was in Florida a couple weeks ago. It’s not the end-all, be-all he made it out to be, but it was good.) So Flying Pig Regional, kudos on the ad, and look out, cause one of these days I’m a-comin’.

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