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When Stayman Gets Doubled
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1NT - Pass - 2 Clubs - Double


Passing Denies a Stopper:

Play your current methods as if partner had bid 2 (assign a meaning to 2 by responder)

Redouble is asking for suit under major: 2 shows hearts - 2 is invitational.

                                                                                                   2NT is invitational.


                                                                    2 shows spades - 2 is invitational.

                                                                                                     2NT is invitational.


                                                                    2 denies a major - 2NT is invitational


                                                                    2NT shows both majors - 3 or 3 is invitational.

2, 2, or 2 Shows a Stopper: System On


Redouble Shows four clubs with two or more honors or five with one or more.

Pass is conversion.

2 is asking for major (2NT denies)

Use your current methods for other bids as if opener had bid 2.

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