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When the Opps Double a Strong 2C Opening

Pard and I are looking to upgrade our methods for when the opps double our strong 2 opening.  For better or for worse, without competition, we play  a standard-ish 2 waiting.  When the opps double 2, we'd like to take advantage of the extra calls we get to be able to:

  • Allow our normal auctions to proceed
  • Identify double negative responder values promptly
  • Penalize the opps when they've stepped out
  • Play in 2 X or XX when that's best
  • Scramble into our best 2 level fit when responder is bust and opener is balanced
  • Protect opener from the lead when playing in responder's suit or in diamonds if that's opener's suit
  • Sort out stoppers for notrump or controls for slam

(Just that and world peace.)

The ideal solutions to get what we can from the above list are clearly different depending on what the double shows, but we'd like not to have *too* many different agreed meanings over the double.  (I assume that we will have one set of methods for when double shows clubs and hope we'll need just one more set of methods for when double shows some kind of 2-suiter.  If there are other things for which we need a separate defense, please suggest defense for those as well.)

Thanks for your ideas!

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