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When they double your transfer: a hand both USA teams lost imps on
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Playing a 14+ to 17 Notrump opener you transfer to spades over partner's 1NT and it goes double, pass, to you. What do your bids mean and what do you do?

The common practice in the USA is that pass denies three spades and taking the transfer shows three (or more if you do not jump with all four card holdings), but is this sensible?

Stoppers, playing from the correct side, and so forth are quite important too. Steve and I recently started playing that Redouble denies any sort of stopper in hearts and pass is an offer. As you can see 2 doubled does quite well here ... Although we would probably have played 4 by East.

4 was bid and made by Brazil (Diego Brenner) to win 10 imps when no heart was led and USA2 stopped in 3 in the other room. In the USA1 versus Poland match shown here, Poland stopped in 2 without the upgrade to a strong NT while USA1 went down in 3NT. So both US teams lost imps on this board. How would you have done?

This board from Round Robin match 5 produced a swing in every match vugraphed! (see below for the links)

Have a look at board 3 in these matches for the details:

USA2 versus Brazil:

USA1 versus Poland:

The Egyptians went down in 3NT while Italy played a sensible 3:

Indonesia stopped in 2NT making while China went down in 3NT:

The Polish Seniors made 3NT after an auction that started with 1 (Polish?) when diamonds were led and continued after a spade was ducked:

In the Venice Cup the Canadians lost 11 imps on the board by going down in a doubled partscore North South at one table and in 3NT at the other table:



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