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When to open 1C when playing transfer responses

I'm delving into some details with some partners playing transfers after opening a standard 1 in a 2/1 system. I’ve reviewed a bunch of posts on this site regarding the subject but I couldn’t find any information on the following. I'd appreciate answers from people who have a lot of experience playing these methods.

NOTE: Questions below specifically apply to a 5-card Major system where opening 1NT shows 15-17. (I understand that additional concepts apply playing a weak NT)


1 - 1 (showing )

1 - 1 (showing )

You can open 1 with the following minor suit patterns to “maximize” the use of transfers:

??44   ??33   4432   ??43   ??42


1) Don’t you suffer descriptively later in the auction from not opening 1 with specifically 4=4, 4=3 and 4=2 in the minors (if LHO overcalls immediately or if LHO backs in on the 2nd round with a 2 overcall)??

2) Would opening 1 with only a subset of the above 5 patterns be more practical??



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