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Where have the commentators gone?

I remember when I first started playing bridge seriously and attending nationals, how much fun it was to go to the vugraph room at the end of the week.  There was always a panel of experts at the front, not only analyzing the hands, but also entertaining the crowds with stories of the good old days.

There was nothing more exciting than being in a room (which was always packed) and watching the big KOs as they came to a finish.

Nowadays, they still have that vugraph room, but there are usually about 4-5 people in there.  There are no commentators (other than those talking on bbo).   I don't even see the point of having that room.  I know that I was sitting with my group of friends and we all had our cell phones out, which is what we were watching on.  It was still a tremendously exciting finish this year, but there was a little something missing.  I wish there was some way we could get people to come back to the central area and have people who are attending the nationals actually get a panel together and do the commentary like they used to.  It was educational and often quite a lot of fun.

Anyone else feel this way?

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