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Where's the freedom of expression in 2019?

Somewhere in the world, the bridge systems policy of an organization for the upcoming championship reads:

"The objectives are to ensure that BFI Championships can be properly operated and adequately administered, with a fair and equal chance for all competitors, while at the same time affording proper consideration to progress and innovation; to ensure that players are in no doubt as to what is expected of them with regard to preparation and filing of systems material for BFI Championships."

The systems chart for the the highest level of the game in that organization reads:

"For such events all classifications of systems will be permitted in the Knock Out stages only, subject to adequate disclosure, but teams using HUM systems or Brown Sticker Conventions must submit their System Cards and Brown Sticker Announcement Forms.....Psych bids shall be permitted in all rounds of a category 1 event."

That is pure bridge. Time to come out of the red tape era, and enjoy the game of bridge ruled by the laws of bridge only.

It sure feels like in ACBL land, bridge beauty and passion (for atleast some of us) is being severely diminished by restricting freedom of expression even in 2019.

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