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Which of these are legal?

For the sake of argument, ACBL regulations (also interested in EBU/WBF if laws-experts want to offer an opinion), say at Mid-Chart (although for once, I don't think the level of chart matters).

As far as I'm aware, there's some rule about not psyching artificial opening bids (what is it? And is that it? e.g. psyching a control in a cuebidding sequence seems normal practice). In this poll, I'm also trying to clarify what counts as natural/artificial.

For the sake of discussion, you are third seat, after two passes.

1) As far as I can tell, 4-4-3-2 can now open 1 "naturally" without an alert. Your system specifies that 1 could-be-two only on 4-4-3-2 shape.

After Pass - (Pass) - , you open 1 with 4-4-3-2 shape, with say 0-3 HCP (you're certain ops have 26+ HCP between them). 


2) You now play a balanced-or-natural club, that is you would open 1 on all semi-balanced hands outside of your 1NT opening range (most 4333, 4432, or 5332 hands without a 5-card major, or maybe five diamonds). Alternatively, your 1 opening actually has clubs.

You open 1 with in-range shape (say 3-4-4-2) and psychic HCP (say 0-3 HCP again). 

Bonus: can you ever open a psychic 1 here, even when you hold the "natural" club option. If yes, does 3-2-3-5 (the balanced shape) qualify?


3) You play a precision club, where your 1 is 2+.

You open 1 without 10 HCP (I think there's a HCP requirement), say:  xxx xxx AKQ109x x

Bonus: What if your 1 opening promised 3+, or even, somehow 4+?


So what's legal? For the purposes of answering the poll, please disregard what you think should be legal, or whether or not you think the bids made are "good" or "bad" bridge bids -- but do please leave a comment if you have an opinion on those matters.

Bonus: if any of the above are legal, can any become ... expected

1 only
2 only
3 only
I don't know/care, and don't want my ignorance/indifference to affect this poll.

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