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Whispers, Rumors and a Crescendo

I just got back from a day and a half 800 mile round trip from the Santa Clara Regional.

The first question you might ask is am I deranged? Those of you that know me can answer quite positively in the affirmative.

The second question that might spring to mind is why?

Before I answer that question I would like to report what I heard in the trenches, from pros from beginners and from your average run of the mill garden variety addicts.

From the bridge players the resounding crescendo is let’s get a National Recorder with teeth. Someone that can take the boys out the back, and inform them they are not playing here as a partnership ever again and we don’t want to see either of you again here for another 5 years at least.

What is Boye playing at, everyone knows who the cheaters are, the short suit signalers, the long suit signalers, the single suit guys. Either go for broke and get them all, or do nothing, half a job wont scare the people that have been doing this for 20 years. But turning round and saying well I was pissed off because I got cheated in the Spingold and had we won I would not have said anything? The guys in the trenches are not buying it.

All you people screaming for blood? How many players memos have you filled out, at the last nationals, exactly how many top flight players in  say the last 64 of the Spingold, actually filled out a memo or recorder form? But you are all whiter than white? Hardly anyone used the system but you are now complaining its broke?

The players in the trenches are speaking you know thee other 167500 members of the ACBL.

No one wants an electronic environment, most of the people I spoke to said they would give up bridge before they decided on an electronic environment. People like to socialize, they like the feel of the cards of the table. and they all said the same thing, Bridge is a card game, it’s not a computer game it’s a game played with 52 cards, that you shuffle, or if your lucky someone shuffles for you.

The addicts and the common garden types are asking one question, if we have rules we either use them or not, but there is no point in having rules that we don’t keep in public. Do whatever you want in Private, but in public keep the rules we have or change them.

Now as to why the Deranged moron drove 400 miles back from SC at midnight, because after 2 weeks of reading this S***t on Bridge winners I wanted to see my friends, to feel cards in my hands, to joke about what’s going on. To see Billy Miller wait 10 minutes to get a director because a card fell out of a board and he was scared to put it back. Even Passel thought that was funny.

Chairing an appeal committee, where 2 players with less than 200 Master points each were accused of passing over a hesitation. Hey A flight bracket 1 players, guys with 200 points don’t know that jump shifts are game forcing, and sometimes they just don’t know what to bid, so please help them and explain nicely, don’t call directors and make appeals on hesitations from flight d players. They are part of our future. By the way the Director ruled same as me they get to play 3 spades you can't make them bid an unmaking game, you could if I did it but not flight d players.

Oh yes added bonus won the 2 session pairs with a 73% game playing with the Wife, we don’t play together that often, too many other commitments, but its nice to win when we do.

My advice, get out from behind those computers, go to your local regionals and sectionals and even your local clubs. Arguing about bridges dirty laundry is far too depressing.


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