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Who should "NO" better? (ATB)

Both Vul at imps; N opens 1  

East elects to X (rather than 1NT) 

West elects 2 (rather than 1NT) 

The final contract of 2 is awful compared to 1NT; Please assess the blame.

EAST: Kxx AJ9x   KQ Qxxx

WEST:   QJx   Txx   xxxx   KT9 


No one is to blame for anything untoward.
Both are equally to blame; 50-50
East is 90-100% to blame while West is basically blameless
West is 90-100% to blame while East is basically blameless
East is 60-80% to blame; West 20-40%
West is 60-80% to blame; East 20-40%
ABSTAIN or OTHER (comment)

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