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Who shows the 4CM?

I‘ve noticed that that there is often disagreement among new, infrequent or even regular partnerships as to who is responsible (or more responsible) to show the 4 card major after a common 1D-2C sequence When opener has 1 or 2 majors and responder has 5+ clubs and a 4CM.  Let’s assume that opener has normal minimum in a 15-17 NT structure and that his bidding 2M would NOT show extras.   Some say opener should bid out his shape, like 2N with 4342, .3442, 4432.  (Or 4333/3433 in analogous Precision structures) In that case the responder would need to bid 3M to find the fit.  Others say opener’s failure to bid 2M categorically denies a 4CM.  Then there is the issue of what opener should do with 4=4=4=1 hands.  Bidding 2NT with a stiff club is not my cup of tea.  Then there is the issue of what to rebid with 5 or 6 diamonds, (2D or 2M).  I’ve set up a poll and would encourage discussion.   I don’t think that it matters whether you are playing 2/1 GF or not, as I will assume that responder has a sound opening bid will bid 2C before 1M with longer clubs, and that his major rebid or raise will always be game forcing.

So after 1D-2C:

opener sHould show a balanced hand (2NT) relying on responder to show the 4CM.
Opener should bid the major, allowing responder to raise to 3NT if he doesn’t .
Should be flexible based on the tenaces, right-siding and suit quality, and sometimes you might miss a good 4-4 fit, tough.
Other, please elucidate.
This issue is way too complex for a simple poll, (please comment)

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