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For those who haven't had enough legalisms lately, try this.  In the course of a match, declarer claims.  There is an obscure defense to give declarer a guess, which, in accordance with Law 70, he would be presumed to get wrong.  None of the players notice this, and the claim is accepted, but a kibitzer does notice.  In accordance with Law 76 he says nothing for the remainder of the session.

After the session the kibitzer goes out to dinner with one of the defenders, and points out the missed opportunity.  The correction period is still live, so the player gets the score corrected per Law 69.

Does this seem right?  The intent of Law 76 is clearly that kibitzers should not affect the play.  I don't know of a case where it's happened, but with matches routinely getting hundreds of e-kibitzers, it probably has.  There is, of course, no reason for the player to mention the kibitzer when getting the score fixed, so we might not know.

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