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Who would you invite?

I've enjoyed the string on adding some levity in these difficult times, so here's a different and hopefully fun exercise:   You are holding an evening game in your home - eight players including you. Everyone will partner each of the other 7 for an equal # boards.  (Yes, all 8 will be tested negative for Covid-19!).

Who would you invite, and why?  You may choose from all players, living or dead. 

  • If 7 other names is too challenging, then make it a 1-table game. 
  • Or feel free to name only 1 or 2 other players. 
  • I accept no responsibility for those who exclude current bridge partners and/or spouses!   :-)

(Disclosure:  This is a variation on an oft-played exercise of who, from all past & present, would you invite to a dinner party)

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