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Who's gonna win the 2012 open team trials in chicago?

Is the trend of young players over the last few years gonna continue, or are the titans of old gonna try take control again? The way I see it, the trials have a handful of awesome teams. But there are a few teams (as most people are aware of) that are playing their last big event together. Not to mention 2 big-time partnerships that are splitting up after this year's trials. I have always thought that teams with good chemistry tend to do much better than the ones that have people breathing down your neck just waiting to criticize...

Spector (Warren Spector Joe Grue Joel Wooldridge Gary Cohler Curtis Cheek John Hurd)
Nickell (Frank Nickell Robert Hamman Jeff Meckstroth Ralph Katz Zia Mahmood Eric Rodwell) QF Bye
Diamond (John Diamond Eric Greco Brad Moss Brian Platnick Geoff Hampson Fred Gitelman) QF Bye
Fleisher (Martin Fleisher Bobby Levin Chip Martel Michael Kamil Steve Weinstein Lew Stansby) R16 Bye
Deutsch (Seymon Deutsch Ron Smith Justin Lall John Kranyak Billy Cohen Kevin Bathurst)
Other -- please name who you are picking in the comments category

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