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Whose hand am I looking at?

Does anyone else have trouble figuring out whose hand we are looking at in the bridge lead problems? For example on a recent hand I was looking at T97654 T6 6 QT82 and saw an auction like 1 2 P 2NT 3 4 P 5 P and my initial reaction was to abstain since there is no way I am bidding Michaels with this hand but then I realized I am the partner of 1 opener.

I really wish BridgeWinners would do something about it. Some posters are careful to add which hand you are looking at in the text (I have now made a habit of writing something like "you are south" to start the text) but many don't. Would it not be possible for BridgeWinners to automatically add this text at the top of every problem? Alternately would requiring the shown hand to be always South be too restrictive?


Edit: I should have mentioned that is mainly an issue on lead problems (I have added that to the text). Sorry about that.

I have the same problem
I don't have the same problem
I don't know North from South anyway and so it doesn't matter

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