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Why Abstain?

Given how much I dislike abstentions on my own polls I guess I shouldn’t abstain myself yet I find that I’m doing it more and more.

Below are the reasons why I abstain (as opposed to not answer)please check the ones that are your own and if ‘other’ say what it is.I’m not consistent, the capriciousness of mood means that the presence of one(or even all) of these factors doesn’t mean that I will abstain.

The first 4 are pertinent to bidding problems.

Of course you can really wind me up by abstaining! Tant Pis.

Please select up to 6 choices.

The bidding and system are not explained sufficiently(but see 2)
There is too much detail! By the time you get to the 5th round of a constructive slam sequence I’ve had enough.
I hate my previous bids so much that I’d never be in this situation.
I know the hand.
The question may have merit but will never be relevant to me.

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