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Why aren't you playing in the USBF Trials?

I admit it mystifies me that there only 15 teams entered in the USBF Open Trial and only 7 in the USBF Women's Trials. I wonder what has happened to the arrogant, I'm the GREATEST players I grew up with.

Originally I was going to have answers such as "I'm not good enough" or "No way I can beat the pro teams" but I know that can't be true. After all you are good enough so there must be another reason.

Obviously you don't have an appropriate partner or appropriate team mates.

So I design this poll to find out if there is interest in having like minded players get together and play on the internet with the idea of possibly forming teams that will compete in future Trials.




PS: Right now you can sign up for any of the trials. There is still room.

I am not interested in this kind of event
i would be interested if I was on a good team with a good partner
I have a good partner and would be interested in being on a good team
I would be interested in playing with and against like minded players on BBO in order to form an appropriate team
I play sometimes, just not this time
Not qualified
Not qualified but I'd love to provide the opposition

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