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Why bridgesport sucks?

Everybody, who is seriously involved in bridge sport agrees, that bridge sport gets older and older. 

I am in special situation. I have the possibility to give a big push with my beginner book, bridge teaching method and reformed minibridge game.


The problem about me is, that I live in Hungary, far from USA. Although I published more, than 30 high level articles here, and most of them are readed by thousans of readers, nobody wastes the time and energy to help my activity. The best featured article of mine had 3000  visitors.


This is clear arrogance. If I would have been American, I think I could get all the attention and assistance to work and play without financial problems in the USA.


So when you agree with me, that it is time to do our things better, and you want to do something, it is the best and last time to support our activity.


Details are available on and here.


You can ask, who am I? Why am I not on the lists? Why not on the media? These are also my questions! Why am I so successful and respected in my area even in Italy? How is it possible, that still no one speaks about me outside of it? Why are 1000 readers of my articles inactive?


This is a patt situation. When you don't move, I don't move as well, and bridge community is loosing!


A real high tech article, 3rd part of "Transfer responses to 1 club opening" is published today in homepage. There are more, than 80 other high level articles and amazing hand histories are available today, which you cannot find elsewhere.


You are all welcome to enjoy the best solutions to the most important problems there. Just you need time to search them with keywords.


Just an important information. Although the Hungarian Bridge Federation helps my activity, they are so poor, that we didn't have open and ladies team in Lille, the last Olympic tournament.

God blessing us, we had a senior team, financed by a player, and they won the Championship.


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