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Why do Daily Bulletins not give results of Bracketed KO's?

The Daily Bulletin at NABCs lists all the overall placers for all pairs events, but for team games it shows only the pairings for the upcoming day. And the final results are not shown (exception: articles on the front page about winners of NABC events).

I don't like this and I wonder if others agree with me that the Daily Bulletin should give the results of all matches (not necessarily the IMP margin, just the result), as in

SF: JONES (Smith, Johnson, Brown) def. MILLER (Williams, Goren, Culbertson)

      WONG (Liu, Chan, Woo) def. A.WILSON (B.Wilson, C.Wilson, W.Wilson)

Finals: JONES vs WONG

And the next day: William Hoople Bracketed KO's, Bracket 1: JONES (Smith, Johnson, Brown) def. WONG (Liu, Chan, Woo)

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