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Why does the membership not revolt against the Board of Directors?

I am sure that anyone who knows me or anything about me knows that I have hated and loathed the ACBL Board of Directors for about the last 25 years. I was once appointed to a committee that observed all of a BOD meeting as a member of the Board of Governors. I went along with the rest of the members of the committee and we made suggestions but what was obvious to me way back then was that the Board was just too big to do anything efficiently. They also treated the ACBL CEO and all ACBL employees as peons and personal slaves who were there only to do the Board's bidding at all times. No one other than the board was allowed to do any managing at all and the sole purpose of the Board was to maintain the status quo and to lock up their own support in their districts to make sure they were continuously re-elected. Almost nothing was looked at as an ACBL wide issue. I think it will take a full fledged revolt by the ACBL membership to ever make any difference. As long as they can keep bumping up the fees on membership and card fees, I serious can't see anything ever changing. I fought them with all I had and then some but nothing mattered. Many of the things that are discussed here are really caused by player apathy. They just don't care enoughabout these things to get involved and I doubt that many care about the future of bridge either because their life spans are nearing the end. This is the sad fact. The Board of Directors are leaches on a diminishing blood supply. Something has to give. In my mind it will either be the ACBL going down the tubes or the BOD being eliminated completely and everything being completely reorganized. I don't think making the group smaller will help much because the most offensive members will survive that process. Just my two cents. I no longer have a dog in this fight nor do I desire being involved anymore. But some of the avid players who post here can make a difference. I think the last CEO was fired because he wouldn't follow their commands. I think it will be difficult to find his like again.

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