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Why youth players are aggressive bidders

Common knowledge has it that youth players are generally more aggressive and reckless bidders. The classical explanation for why is that they have not matured yet, and thus are filled with raging hormones causing them to do impulsive things. However, perhaps their environment plays a bigger role than their bodies. First, we need to establish youth players as beginners and have not much experience. Essentially, youth players= noob. Secondly, aggressive bidding= less defending, more declaring

- Concentration of learning

When youth players first start off, they are not taught any defensive strategies. Rather, teachers mainly focus on teaching them on the rules and bidding. Everyone learns about finesses. Everyone learns about ruffing. The only thing that is really taught for defense is don’t underlead aces. As such, defenders lead the K from Kxx and do all sorts of horrendous mistakes. As such, horrible contracts make easily due to poor defense.

- Easy Declaring

You will be fine at declaring as long as you are logical. It does not take a genius to ruff losers and finesse. In addition, declaring is made super easy as no one knows how to properly defend. As stated before, players first starting off are not taught defensive rules or strategies.

- The Dark Ages

Mainly useful defensive signaling are not taught. As such, defenders can not defend as well, giving declarer an easier time making his contract.


These successful contracts lead youth players to think they are good contracts, thus leading them to overbid in the future.

- Overhyping

When a student makes his contract, the teacher usually overhyped the "achievement," as they want their student to like bridge, even if the accomplishment happened only due to poor defense.

- Golden Fit

Everybody knows the "Golden Fit" rule. However, beginners( or youth players) don't truly understand it. They think that if they have a golden fit, it means they can keep on bidding and competing. The golden fit only means how many cards one should have to want to be in that strain. Sadly, that little detail was not clearly expressed, leading many to keep on bidding.

- Oblivious

Not only that, many youth players are oblivious to the scoring. They think it is so amazing to make 2S, and think going down 3 vulnerable is loose change.

- Euphoria

It is fun to bid. It is not fun to defend. It is more fun to declare than to defend. Do I need to say anything more on this?

- No Double, No Trouble

Perhaps the most important reason: defenders never use the red card with the X. Why? Well, as stated before, youth players are not the greatest defenders and let many contracts make. This means that most of the times, the contracts they defend makes.

But perhaps the biggest reason is that they don't know it exists. What I mean is that teachers do not teach defenders when to double.

Not only that, the fear of partner's wrath at them when declarer makes his contract doubled greatly dissuades them from doubling.

This means that declarer never feels the pain of going down doubled. Without fear of being doubled, youth players are dauntless.

- Successfulness

Aggressive bidding works really well against youth players. Many youth players are not well prepared to bid over a preempt, as they do not know nor have many agreements. Not only that, they do not ever really penalty double, as explained above. Youth players do not make a takeout double of 1D with a 4-3-3-3 shape and no diamond stopper even if they have 19 points because they think you need a doubleton.

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