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Wish Zeke Jabbour a Happy Birthday...

This is what the ACBL tells us about my good friend Zeke Jabbour....

Zeke Jabbour of Boca Raton FL is a professional player, writer, cruise director and lecturer. Jabbour’s column “Winsome & Loathsome” appears monthly in the Bridge Bulletin, he is an “It’s Your Call” panelist, and a hand consultant for “Tall Tales and Short Stories”. In addition to his eight North American championships, Jabbour won the Barry Crane Top 500 and the Fishbein Trophy in 1989 and was the Senior Player of the Year in 1995.

Nearly every day Facebook reminds me that it’s someone’s birthday. Often it’s a good friend, now and then it’s someone that I have difficulty remembering who they are. Tomorrow is Zeke Jabbour’s birthday. Thanks for the headsup Mr. Zuckerberg, but I didn’t need the reminder.

A few years ago I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my good friend Zeke Jabbour when he was given a Goodwill Award by the ACBL. In the midst of the controversy that has surrounded the bridge world these past months, I've decided to spend more time thinking and talking about someone who has been a source of sunshine and goodwill for many years.

Tomorrow is Zeke's 87th birthday.

There have been a number of posts by Gary Hann, among others, mentioning Zeke's name as he was a member of the team that was "beaten" (cheated out of would be a better description perhaps) by the Sion/Cokin team in Norfolk, and they are still listed as the second place team.

As most of you know, Zeke lives in Boca Raton, and although he was a major fixture at our Nationals for so many years, it's been a while since he and Sharon have been to a NABC. He still ranks 31st on the ACBL Grand Master list, with over 31,000 masterpoints, despite the handicap he faced in later years. I'm referring to the many masterpoints I cost him by sitting across the table from him.

Near the end of the movie Remember The Titans, Coach Boone (Denzel Washington) turns to Coach Yoast (Will Patton) and says "Hall of Fame in my book..."

With all that he has done for the world of bridge, with respect to his accomplishments, his sportsmanship, and his demeanor, that's the way I feel about Zeke. 

Take a few moments to wish Zeke a happy birthday, or to share a story about him. There are few like Zeke Jabbour left in the world of bridge, and we’re all a little bit poorer for that.

Happy Birthday Zeke......and many, many more....

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