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World Bridge Federation standards & rules versus ACBL's

In this world of instant connectivity (internet / Skype/ cheap phone rates) and ease of International play does it make sense to maintain a regionally seperate set of rules & regulations in different countries?

Perhaps the ACBL regs should be combined or merged or renegotiated with the World Bridge Federation standards & rules. Would that improve Bridge across the world and in the USA?

In this world of territorial self protection is that even possible (or desirable)? Could they - would they - even negotiate with each other?

Would it make for better Bridge & Bridge players?

Here is my QUESTION:


Should we move towards a unified CONVENTION CARD SYSTEM of REGULATIONS which would merge what the ACBL & the WBF currently do?

I am definitely in favor of merging the two sets of regulations & standards
I am definitely not in favor
I am not sure ... I need to think about it ... talk about it
I would like to see, in the very least, the two regulating bodies talking to each other & possibly negotiating
Talking would do more harm than good
Other; please explain

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