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World Championship Team Results

Final results are in for the team events of the14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China.

In the Open Teams (Rosenblum Cup) the Polish team MAZURKIEWICZ (Piotr Gawrys, Stanislaw Golebiowski, Krystof Jassem, MichalKlukowski, Marcin Mazuriewicz, and Wlodzimierz Starkowski) defeated team MONACO131-80.

In the Women's Teams (McConnell Cup) the BAKER team (Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Marion Michielsen, Meike Wortel, Sally Brock, and Nicola Smith) defeated CHINA RED 128.7-64.

In the Senior Teams (Rand) MILNER (Reese Milner, Hemant Lall, Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier, Apolinary Kowalski, and Jacek Romanski)defeated STERNBERG 112-74.3.

The Mixed Teams were decided earlier in the week, with teamSALVO (Sabine Auken, Roy Welland, ERROR: UNKNOWN USER "zia-mahmood" IN INTERNAL PROFILE LINK. Try username, email, or FIRSTNAME LASTNAME., MarionMichielsen, Anita Sinclair, and Nafiz Zorlu) defeating teamGEELY AUTOMOBILE 103-90

Congratulations to all!

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