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Dear bridge friends,

During these terrible times with the horrible virus nobody can leave their house.

In those times we as bridge players would all like to see world class players online so at least we can watch them.

Therefore I would like to organise the


From 14-18 April 2020

in this event the top 32 players in the world (my opinion) (Michael Klukowski, bas Drijver, frederik Nystrom, Eric Roswell, Steve Weinstein, Jeff Meckstroth, Dennis Bilde, Thomas Bessis, Mikael Rimstedt, Geoff Hampson, Buras, Pepsi, Joe Grue, geir Helgemo, agus Madala, jacek Kalita, Michael nowosadski, Fu zhong, Zia, Andrew Robson, Gavin wolpert, Michael Rosenberg, Marion Michielsen, Sabine Auken,sjoert Brink, John Hurt, Johnny Kranyak, Bobby Levin, Simon de Wijs, alon Birman, Diego Brenner, Alfredo Versace ) will be invited. Because I do understand that to play with them would be better, so 16 seats will be open for auction.

Everybody in the world can do an offer to play in this event. The 16 highest bidders can claim their seat. (My guess €1000,- or more will be enough) All the money from the auction will go to charity to help Corona virus.

Because the tournament will be held on BBO everybody can see the greatest players in the world competing with each other. my suggestion is that there might be a small fee to watch for to cover the cost BBO and directors (and maybe daily bulletin writers) will make.

The schedule is 4 days (47 rounds of 4 boards) where you will play with all players and against all players twice.The last day, top 16 goes to grand final. (15 rounds of 4 boards).


It is just an idea ..... I didn't discuss with BBO or the players. I just hope everybody would like to help the world. 

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