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World Open SemiFinals: Your lead to 7

You are in the final segment and your team was up some and may be up less now. This hand, if it is a swing, might be the match. After a confusing auction to 7 it is your lead holding:

10875 3 109 QJ9875

The auction with your side silent throughout and the opener in first seat:

1 3*

4 4

4 5

6 7

1 = (14+ (good 12/13) 4+), forcing one round (opponents do not play a strong forcing opening bid, all one level openers are forcing one round)

3 = game force, 5+5+ in ,

Anyone who knows what the rest of the auction meant please chime in.

Frankly it is not clear that your world champion opponents were on the same page. They play both RKC and the Turbo convention. In Turbo if trumps are set and cuebidding has commenced then 5 was a cuebid showing an odd number of aces (4N would show an even number)

the opponents card:

a heart
a diamond
a spade
a club honor
a low club

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