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World Team Championships in China

Wuhan 武漢 in China is the venue for the 44th edition of the World Team Championships, starting this upcoming Sunday the 15th and ending on the 28th. A hectic schedule for the 24 participating teams in every category, Bermuda Bowl (Open), Venice Cup (Women), d'Orsi Senior Trophy, and the inaugural event: Mixed Teams. Then add the Transnational Teams for good measure.

Plenty of high quality bridge to look forward to three times a day. For example, how do you like Italy vs USA2, England vs Netherlands and Sweden vs Israel in round 1 of the Bermuda Bowl? Those matches, among many others, will be broadcast live on Bridge Base Online.

The WBF has just decided that we will be broadcasting from 32 tables per session instead of the planned 16 – a bit over the top in my opinion. Feel free to comment on this and other issues.

Although the old version of BBO is still up and running, it's not any more as far as audio commentary is concerned. If you want to listen to our commentators, you need to be on the new version Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are all fine, but IE and IE Edge are not.

Voice is not fully supported on the mobile apps yet. You can however enjoy voice on mobile by using the browser version.

We will try to cover all 41 sessions with voice, but it may well be a struggle regarding the early match of the day because most of our voice people live in Europe (5 am for them). The second and third are guaranteed all days.

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