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World Youth Teams China watching live on Funbridge and VuGraph (BBO)

Kudos to Debbie Rosenberg for providing these links in an earlier article on BW.

Schedule for VuGraph BBO and Funbridge is available via:

To view on FunBridge, you must get free download at:

Complete registration on FunBridge and click on bottom right icon (looks live TV set) to watch live

You must click Right ARCHIVES to view completed matches:  Click 17th World Youth Team Champs in China

Scroll down to match (for example)  10:00  Sat.  8/11/18  USA1 vs. FRANCE  RR 8 JUNIORS


Please watch RR 13  JUNIORS  Israel vs. USA1  13:30  Sunday  8/12/18  1:30 am EST U.S.A.


Nice thing about FunBridge is everything is live including bidding, play, scoring.  Enjoy watching live everyone!


Curt Kristensen

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